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Scholarly Contributions

Publications & Presentations & Workshops


Fatma Aladag. "The Potential of GPT in Ottoman Studies: Computational Analysis of Evliya Çelebi's Travelogue with NLP and Text Mining and Digital Edition with TEI." pre-print version, I. International Evliya Çelebi Symposium, 2023.


Fatma Aladag. "Digital Edition and Text Coding in Ottoman Studies: Text Encoding Initiative-TEI."   

Zemin Journal, Issue 6, 2023.


Fatma Aladag and Elif Derin Can. "Text Recognition and Automatic Transcription for OttomanTurkish from Programming to Artificial Intelligence.” Dijital Beşeri Bilimler ve Osmanlı Çalışmaları. Ed. Yunus Uğur. Istanbul: Vakıfbank Yayınları, 2023. 


Suphan Kirmizialtin, Fatma Aladag, and Elif Derin Can. "Crowdsourcing Ottoman Cultural Heritage: OTurC and Participatory Digital Corpora Creation." Eds. Ali Yaycıoğlu, Yunus Uğur and Nora Barakat. Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association (JOTSA) Issue 9.2, (2023).


Elif Derin Can. "Ottoman Turkish and AI Applications: The example of".  Digital Ottoman Studies Platform. 01/2023.

Suphan Kirmizialtin and David Wrisley. “Automated Transcription of Historical Periodicals with HTR: Challenges and Futures”. Digital Humanities Quarterly. Volume 16:2, 2022.

Elif Derin Can. “Crowdsourcing and Zooniverse”.  Digital Ottoman Studies Platform. 10/2021.

Presentations & Workshops

Elif Derin Can, Fatma Aladağ and Suphan Kırmızılatın. "Digital Transcription of Ottoman Text Workshop" December 20, 2023, Marmara University.

Fatma Aladağ and Elif Derin Can. “Digital Analysis of Manuscripts with Artificial Intelligence.” Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, 2023


Suphan Kirmizialtin. "Transkribus Workshop", Digital Humanities Academy, Digital Ottoman Studies Platform, May 2023.

Suphan Kirmizialtin, David Wrisley, "Unlocking Archives with AI Workshop", NYUAD Humanities Research Fellowship for the Study of the Arab World,  26-28 March 2023.

Elif Derin Can.  “Transkribus Workshop”, Sakarya Üniversitesi, Osmanlı Araştırmaları Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi, May 2023.

Suphan Kirmizialtin, Fatma Aladag, and Elif Derin Can. “Transkribus Seminar”, Digital Ottoman Studies Platform, November 2022.

Suphan Kirmizialtin, Fatma Aladag, and Elif Derin Can. “Crowdsourcing for Digital Text Creation in non-Latin Scripts: A case study in Ottoman Turkish with OTurC” , DH Unbound Conference, May 2022.

Suphan Kirmizialtin, "Crowdsourcing for Digital Corpora Creation in Ottoman Turkish", Digital Ottoman Studies Conference, Univeristy of Vienna, July 2020

Suphan Kirmizialtin, “Handwritten Text Recognition(HTR) for Archival Collections”, WIDH@International Council on Archives, 2021.

Suphan Kirmizialtin, "Handwritten Text Recognition for Arabic Script", Islamicate Digital Humanities Network 3rd Annual Conference, April 2020

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